All FaQs of Slam dunk


- A highschool game is two times 20 minutes. A junior high game two times 15 minutes.

- The shot clock is set on 30 seconds.

- Sakuragi doesn't wear socks.

- Mitsui goes to the toilet when he's nervous.

- Rukawa wore jersey no.4 in (his last year of) Junior High.

- Maki wore jersey no.12 and Fujima no.13 in their rookie year.

- Uozumi got 35 points, 17 rebounds and 4 blocked shots vs Takezato.

- Sakuragi received 25 fouls in 5 games before the district finals.

- Maki expected Shoyo to win over Shohoku with 10 points.

- Uozumi though said Shohoku would win with 3000 points.

- Taoko's top team in mind consisted of Uozumi, Mitsui, Miyagi, Sendoh and Rukawa.

- Although he was a gangster Mitsui has never smoked a cigarette.

- Kainan has been playing in the IH games for 17 years!

- Sakuragi paid 30 yen for his first pair of basketball shoes: Air Jordan 6.

- Sakuragi paid (the same guy) 100 yen for his second pair of shoes: Air Jordan 1.

- Mitsui's height was 176 cm and his weight was 63 kg in his rookie year.

- Although Mitsui has grown 8 cm since his rookie year he's still able to wear the same shoes as in Junior High.

- The IH games are held in Hiroshima in the summer.

- The IH games are held in 6 days, joined by 59 teams.

- Last year Kainan lost to Sannoh in the semi-finals 83-113.

- Toyotama has the top 3 scorers of district Osaka.

- In the Kanagawa games Akagi's average stats were: 25.3 points, 12.3 rebounds and 4.0 blocks.

- In the Kanagawa games Rukawa had an average score of 30 points per game.

- In the Kanagawa games Jin had an average score of 30.3 points per game.

- The memorable match Sannoh vs Shohoku was played on August 3rd, 11.30AM.

- In his first IH match rookie Morishige's stats were: 50 points, 22 rebounds and 10 blocked shots.

- Rukawa wears Nike brand's Air Jordan 5.

- Rukawa wears a sweat band around his left arm and Sawakita wears a similar one around his right arm.

- Sannoh's Kawata is able to play on three positions: center, power forward and small forward.

- Shohoku probably has the best street fighting team.

- Rukawa is probably this year's best rookie, but it's never said how he and his team performed in junior high.

- Kainan lost in the IH finals and became no.2 of the IH Games.

- Rukawa is the only (main) Shohoku player who has not cried throughout the manga or anime series.

- Fujima is the 2nd best PointGuard only topped by Maki